A Comprehensive Guide to Starting a Business in Turkey for Foreign Investors

A Comprehensive Guide to Starting a Business in Turkey for Foreign Investors

In the last decade or so, Turkey has shown incredible growth in attracting foreign investors, rising to the level of the fifth most favored major country.

Prior to this period, foreign investor statistics were quite low, mainly due to political and geopolitical uncertainties, opinions and statements about the attitudes of other countries, exchange rate fluctuations within the country, and various social, political and cultural behaviors such as methods of combating the economic crisis, which made foreign investors hesitant.

 It is true that the opportunities offered to foreign investors in Turkey provide more incentives and advantages to direct investors. Direct investment is generally subject to long-term and stronger incentives. These include investments that involve direct participation, such as opening a company, establishing a partnership or acquiring physical assets.

 Indirect investments, such as stock or bond purchases, may often have fewer incentives than direct investments. However, foreigners wishing to invest in Turkey still benefit from tax breaks, investment locations, insurance premiums and government incentives. For foreign investors wishing to invest in Turkey, having the right to benefit from these opportunities provides a significant advantage.

Incentives for Foreign Investors in Turkey

1. Incentives: With the Investment Incentive Certificate, advantages such as tax reductions and customs duty exemption can be provided.

2. Investment Location Allocation: The state may allocate land or buildings to foreign companies wishing to invest.

3. Support and Incentives: Supports provided to foreign investors include loan and grant programs, incentives for R&D activities.

4. Free Foreign Exchange Transfer: Foreign investors can freely transfer their profits or investment capital in foreign currency.

 5. Sectoral Incentives: Special incentives may be available for foreigners investing in particular sectors. For example, sectors such as energy, tourism, health may offer priority incentives.

6. Investment Support Offices: There are official institutions that provide guidance, assistance and information to foreign investors.

*Turkey offers various incentives and supports to keep its doors open to foreign investors. These can vary depending on the type, region and size of the investment.

**In the last decade, Turkey has become an attractive market for foreign investors. Foreign investments have increased significantly, especially in sectors such as energy, construction and technology.

Turkey has been a magnet for global investors in recent years

1. Energy: Renewable energy projects, especially wind and solar energy, attract foreign investors. Large investments are being made in areas such as electricity generation, energy transmission and distribution.

2. Real Estate: Especially in touristic regions, accommodation facilities such as hotels and holiday villages and housing projects attract foreign investors. Real estate investments are also important in big cities such as Istanbul.

3. Technology and Innovation: Turkey is developing rapidly in the fields of technology and innovation. Foreign investors are active in areas such as software, e-commerce and artificial intelligence.

4. Health Sector: Investments are increasing especially in the field of health tourism. Hospitals, medical centers and health tourism facilities are among the areas that foreign investors focus on.

 5. Infrastructure and Transportation: Large-scale infrastructure projects and the development of transportation networks attract the attention of foreign investors. Projects such as ports, airports and bridges can be evaluated in this context.

These are among the sectors in which Turkey is attractive to foreign investors and attracts intense interest.

 In all these processes, specialized companies that support foreign investors and provide support for them to do business in Turkey have an important role. They closely follow the processes by lending a helping hand in the difficulties that investors may face. There is no doubt that this support enables foreign investors to start their activities smoothly. This kind of support is very valuable and necessary for investors, because it is of great importance to get support in solving any problems that may arise when doing business in a new country.

We emphasize our effort to make foreign investors feel that we are a reliable business partner by gaining their trust when they experience insecurity and anxiety in a different country.

Trust and Support for Investors

Working with specialized firms, you, our valued investors, can address all your concerns and provide you with solid support in the process of stepping into Turkey. For foreign investors, they manage the vast and active market that Turkey offers, tax issues in official processes, adaptation to the demographic structure and much more.

These specialized firms offer you the opportunity to make the most of Turkey's investment potential. They offer dealership, distributorship and franchise opportunities to effectively promote your products in Turkey, establish appropriate sales networks, and create a legally compliant and reliable infrastructure.

While you focus on your business, they are with you every step of the way, from customs clearance to the translation of documents into Turkish.

Discover your potential by contacting a successful business partner in Turkey who specializes in crossing borders and creating new success stories.

Turkish expert organizations will be with foreign investors in all their problems and issues and will closely follow all processes and ensure that the foreign investor is not affected by negativities and starts its activities without any problems.

They will be the eyes of foreign investors in Turkey.

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