Tarimkon, Agriculture and Food Joint Cooperation Board, anatolia trade center, international agriculture and food confederation

Tarimkon, Agriculture and Food Joint Cooperation Board, anatolia trade center, international agriculture and food confederation


TARIMKON was established to balance supply and demand in the fields of agriculture, food and sub-industry based on these sectors, to provide consultancy and to gather projects under a single roof. TARIMKON supports national and international marketing activities and promotes economic cooperation and sustainable agricultural practices.

Represented by 81 provinces, 640 districts, 16 Administrative Departments, 11 Federations, 6 Cooperatives, 3 Foundations, 17 Platforms and 6 Business Councils throughout Turkey, TARIMKON operates with representative offices in 56 countries, sales and marketing offices in 14 countries, and serves more than 6.5 million producers worldwide with 28 international branches and project partnerships.


TARIMKON is one of the world's largest non-governmental organizations serving its members, sector representatives, business people, non-governmental organizations, cooperatives and companies at national and international level by adopting the philosophy of 'MARKET FIRST THEN PRODUCTION'. It provides investment, marketing, market research, foreign trade, training and project services for suppliers in the national and international arena, from exports to imports, from foreign investments to foreign investments of the private sector.

The Agriculture and Food Joint Cooperation Board (TAGOK) within TARIMKON brings together national and international supply, demand, finance and project owners under a single roof. TAGOK's FOREIGN TRADE DEPARTMENT SERVICES provide its members with a wide range of services from exports to imports, from foreign investments to foreign investments of the private sector, focusing on suppliers providing services in areas such as international marketing, market research, project management and financial support. In this context, TAGOK offers the products and services of its member companies to world markets, primarily in Europe.

World Trade Business Development Council (WTBDC) is a Turkey-based organization focusing on the development of international trade. It aims to contribute to Turkey's private sector organizations operating in the fields of foreign trade, international investment, services, contracting, consultancy, digital transformation and logistics by exploring business development opportunities in domestic and foreign markets, increasing their exports and supporting their international economic relations.

WTBDC also works to increase Turkey's share in trade activities with countries around the world. It operates as a voluntary diplomatic organization with its founding organizations, members and company councils, which include Turkey's leading business people and representatives of the business community. WTBDC has assumed the responsibility of managing the international economic relations of the Turkish private sector.

Mult-Buyer Turkish Trade Center is a trade platform that helps Turkish companies to expand into the German and European Union markets. Operating in Bremen since 2014, this platform has built a strong infrastructure in cooperation with national and international companies. It also cooperates with TARIMKON-ICAF to support member companies in opening branches in Europe and market research.

TARIMKON/ICAF, WTBDC and MULTİ-BUYER signed a partnership agreement to provide investment, marketing, foreign trade, training and project support to its members and stakeholders nationally and internationally with a focus on identifying market needs. This agreement has launched one of the largest civil society movements worldwide. The partnering organizations offer the goods and/or services they produce to the world market with the principle of 'MARKET FIRST, PRODUCTION LATER'.


Turkey is an important trade center with its strategic location connecting three continents. Favored by international companies for its geopolitical advantages, the country aims for long-term economic growth with its qualified workforce and geographical location. Istanbul offers access to more than 50 countries within a 4,000-kilometer radius, making Turkey an attractive investment destination. In addition, the customs union with the EU and Free Trade Agreements with 27 countries further strengthen Turkey's position.

The sectors that will be valued due to Turkey's geopolitical position are as follows:

Food and Beverage Processing Sector: Turkey is a regional hub for food production and exports. With its agricultural diversity and health consciousness, it exports 85% of organic food to Europe. Foreign investors contribute to growth in the sector; foreign investment in Turkey is increasing every year.

Agricultural R&D Sector: The food and beverage sector is growing with R&D activities. With increasing market share, agricultural research and product development is progressing.

Energy Sector: Turkey is defined as an energy corridor and plays an important role with its strategic location to energy resources.

Automotive sector: Turkey is an important regional center for automotive production and has high quality standards.

Tourism sector: Turkey is a famous vacation destination with its beaches, climate, historical and natural beauties.

The ICAF/TARIMKON-WTBDC-MULTI BUYER consortium operates in more than 100 countries and has a supply/demand network of 6.5 million people. It aims to increase its members' share in the global market by providing marketing and research services. In the project, by offering solution partnership to companies that cannot export, it reduces the costs of establishing a foreign trade department by up to 7-8% and increases the export success rate by at least 10 times.

A company establishes a foreign trade department: To set up a foreign trade department, the company should determine its investment plans, such as opening a branch abroad, establishing a partnership or a new company. If investing, it must obtain the necessary permits, obtain a tax number, issue capital and file an investment declaration.

If the company is not going to invest, it can establish a department for foreign trade only. This department should consist of specialized personnel who are familiar with export legislation, can follow customs procedures, conduct foreign market research and manage customer relations. The cost of setting up the department may vary depending on the size of the company, the volume of exports and the functions.

In general, however, the elements that make up the cost of the department are:

*Staff salaries and social security expenses,

*Fixed expenses such as office rent, electricity, water, and internet,

*Procurement of external services such as customs consultancy, transportation services, and insurance companies,

*Marketing expenditures such as market research, promotional activities and participation in fairs,

*Travel expenses such as travel costs, accommodation fees and visas.

*Exhibitions, promotional events, representation and hospitality expenses

The cost of setting up a company's foreign trade department can vary with its size and export volume. With an initial staff of one and a target of one country, the annual cost is about 30,000 USD.

Our businesses want to sell the goods or services they produce abroad. Even if they want to cover these costs;* Lack of specialized personnel and financial resources,

*Network incompetence,

*Lack of information on how to export,

*Inadequate technical and infrastructure infrastructure,

*The international market faces many challenges such as lack of marketing and market research.

96% of agriculture and food SMEs in the country have difficulties in exporting due to low costs and lack of foreign trade units, constantly postponing exports due to costs.

TAGOK offers its members in the agriculture, food and supply industry sector the opportunity to export in the national and international market. Members can exhibit their products, meet with potential buyers and manage logistics processes with the system that shares export costs. At the same time, TAGOK supports its members with promotional and advertising activities to increase brand awareness, thus increasing export capacity and competitiveness.

TAGOK offers a business model solution that enables our member SMEs to export without incurring the cost of setting up a foreign trade department and marketing. This business model is called "Split Export Costs Input" (BIMG), and it enables our member enterprises to export in groups of 12 in a single organization. we bring them together. A foreign trade expert is assigned to this group by TAGOK. This expert ensures that the company and its products are prepared for export.

Foreign Trade Specialist carries out your pre-export preparation works for you.

*Export Potential of the Enterprise: Assessment of internal competencies and capacity for export.

*Market Research: Research is conducted on competition, legislation, regulations, and trade barriers; information is collected using TAGOK supply/demand pool and export information system and the results are shared with the company.

*Product to be exported and fulfillment of export obligations: firstly, prohibited and permitted product lists are reviewed. Then, preparations are completed to obtain the necessary licenses, permits and standard documents.

*Execution of Relations with Public Institutions and Organizations: Member companies' relations with public institutions such as the Ministry of Trade, Exporters' Associations and Chambers of Commerce are managed for exports. Grants, support and incentives are tried to be utilized.

*Offering Proposal to the Importer and Sending Proforma Invoice: LOI, Offer invoice, sending samples, ensures the creation of agreement conditions in exports.

*Preparation and Signing of the Export Sales Contract: The exporter or its authorized person completes negotiations with the importer and signs a written contract.

*Execution of Sales and After Sales Operational Activities: The foreign trade specialist transmits the orders of the products sold at TARIMKON/ICAF Anatolian Trade Centers to the company, manages the preparation, quality control, logistics, freight, customs and insurance procedures, and finally follows the delivery of the products to the center.

**Our businesses that complete TAGOK membership can benefit from the services free of charge. The annual membership fee is determined by TARIMKON Board of Directors at the end of each year.

ICAF-TARIMKON and WTBDC established a joint structure called TAGOK to provide investment, marketing, foreign trade, training and project support in the international arena. With this agreement, they launched the world's largest civil society movement. Our partner organizations offer goods and/or services to the world market under ICAF-TARIMKON-ICAF ANATOLIAN TRADE CENTERS with the understanding of "MARKET FIRST, PRODUCTION LATER".

ICAF/TARIMKON-WTBDC plans to open main distribution centers with showrooms and marketing offices in 6 main locations between 2024-2026, 365 days open fair concept.

*Anatolian European Trade Center,

(Central Showroom+Marketing office and Main distribution location in Germany)

*Anatolia Middle East Trade Center,

(Headquarters Showroom+Marketing office and Main distribution location Qatar - UAE)

*Anatolian Caucasus Trade Center,

(Central Showroom+Marketing office and Main distribution location Uzbekistan or Russia)

*Anatolian Balkans Trade Center,

(Central Showroom+Marketing office and Main distribution location Macedonia)

*Anatolia North Africa Trade Center,

(Central Showroom+Marketing office and Main distribution place in Tunisia)

*Anatolia South Africa Trade Center,

(Headquarters Showroom+Marketing office and Main distribution location Nigeria-Lagos)


Market research is ongoing in countries around the world to identify suitable locations for showrooms, marketing offices and main distribution centers.



The consortium formed with solution partners in the targeted region offers SHOWROOM and MARKETING OFFICES, storage and shipment areas in the concept of 365 days open fair in an area of 2.000-3.000 m2.

Working within the partnership framework of this consortium, the AGRICULTURE AND FOOD JOINT COOPERATION BOARD provides services to the members under the umbrella of TAGOK.

In our showrooms consisting of 3X3 and 4x3 stands that offer an open fair concept for 365 days in our centers, we exhibit products in accordance with international standards to potential customers with TARIMKON guarantee.

Our marketing offices reach customers in target regions through placers and introduce the products of our member companies. We provide the buyers we host with the opportunity to take orders with short presentations including the products and services of our members, and we guarantee the same standard and quality of products in every order.

TAGOK orders are transmitted to the companies from the headquarters through special software. According to the monthly shipment schedule, the orders are sent from Turkey to the designated port and shipped in containers to the trade center in the relevant country. The warehouse plans orders according to customer demands, so that orders of any quantity and time are delivered to customer warehouses without any problems.


*Thanks to the showroom, we create trust in buyers with our sales and after-sales physical corporate structure.

*We visit all potential buyers on site and consult with them to determine their needs.

*We ensure that the products requested by the buyer comply with international standards under the guarantee of TARIMKON and that these standards are sustainable.

* We plan and undertake the entire operation of the products requested by the buyer until the warehouse determined by the buyer.

*We provide certificates and reports certifying the quality and reliability of the products requested by the buyer.

*We offer the prices, payment terms, delivery times and warranty terms of the products requested by the buyer in the most appropriate way.

*We share the stock status, order tracking and delivery information of the products requested by the buyer online.

*We provide after-sales support, maintenance, repair and spare parts services for the products requested by the buyer.

*We benefit the marketing, promotion and advertising activities of the products requested by the buyer.


*We assign a foreign trade expert to the export process of our member vendor company and manage the export preparation processes and provide consultancy.

*We carry out the necessary business and certification processes for our member vendor company to export.

 *We manage the relations of our member vendor company with public-institutions and organizations in the national-international arena.

*We exhibit our products in our showroom in 365 days open fair concept.

*In our showroom, we provide stands with our member vendor company's own brand and logo, thus contributing to the brand awareness of the company.

*We carry out continuous advertising and promotional activities to increase our exports in the target region.

*We visit all potential buyers in the region of our center on site, introduce our products and carry out face-to-face marketing activities.

*We constantly consult with all potential buyers to determine their needs.

*We carry out marketing, promotion and advertising activities of our products.

*We conduct market research for the marketing of our products.

*We provide our member seller company with an address in the country where we are headquartered and provide office and secretarial services.

*If member vendor companies want to conduct market research in target countries, we provide consultancy services on visa procedures and providing the necessary documents.

*We offer meeting room (B2B-B2C), interpreter and secretariat services in our center during the market research of member vendor companies in target countries.

*We offer member vendor companies the right to have personnel in our center in the target country if they wish.

*We offer foreign trade training and consultancy services about the market conditions, regulations, culture and ways of doing business in the countries where member vendor companies export.

*We offer legal, logistics, customs, product and receivables insurance services for the sale of our products and after sales.

*We provide market research reports for the target region. We provide warehouse and warehouse services.

*We support the establishment of a dealer network in the customs union countries in the target region.

*If needed, we support the member company to establish a branch office in the target country.

*We organize continuous B2B and B2C on-line and face-to-face business meetings with our member vendor companies on increasing our exports, marketing, product and business development. According to the results of these consultations, we are constantly improving the services we offer to buyers and sellers.



TAGOK members obtain the consultancy services they need in their export and import processes from professional companies that are also TAGOK members.

Some of the services we offer you within the scope of consultancy services are as follows;

-Documentation Services: We provide the necessary documents for export (invoice, certificate of origin, export declaration). We also provide assistance for standards certificates (ISO, CE, TSE). During the certification process, we contact the relevant institutions and follow the procedures.

-Product Analysis Certificates: We analyze the products in accordance with the import regime of the target country, work with accredited laboratories and prove compliance with health and safety standards with reports.

-Legal Consultancy: We provide consultancy on the preparation and follow-up of English contracts between the buyer and the seller. These contracts form the legal basis of your export transactions and determine the rights and responsibilities of the parties. In cooperation with international trade law experts, we provide legal consultancy services and support in the preparation, signing and implementation of contracts.

-Logistics and Freight Services: We offer logistics services from the manufacturer's factory to the buyer's warehouse. This includes product transportation, storage, insurance, customs clearance and delivery. We contract with reliable logistics companies to ensure the most favorable price, time and quality conditions for you.

-Customs Brokerage: Our member company's services in customs clearance include issuing export declarations, payment of customs duties, customs controls and obtaining exit certificates. In cooperation with authorized customs brokers, we complete customs procedures quickly and smoothly.

Product Insurance: The products of our member companies are insured during the logistics process from the factory to the buyer's warehouse, providing assurance against risks during transportation. We cooperate with insurance companies to select the most appropriate policy for product insurance.


-Creation of sectoral reports to cover the entire target region,

-Continuous B2B/B2C business meetings with potential buyers and reporting,

-Market analysis and product diversification studies,

-Buyers' demands and suggestions

-Competitor analysis and reporting,

-Conducting studies and preparing reports that will benefit from government support,

-Analyzing and reporting on Target Market sales channels and sharing the reports with member companies on a regular basis.



The restructuring of political borders in the world, the collapse of the eastern bloc, the opening of new consumer markets, the establishment of trade blocs, trade agreements and the establishment of the World Trade Organization (WTO) have created new opportunities for exports. The world economy has been affected by the worldwide accessibility of technology, which has enabled the emergence of competitive producers capable of cheaper, faster and higher quality production, and today the economy has become globalized.

Less developed countries have gained a competitive advantage over developed economies with the expansion of communication systems and increased access to information. Therefore, seizing opportunities in world markets and exporting is important for the growth and competitiveness of countries and firms.

Increasing sales and profits: If a firm is performing well in the domestic market, entering foreign markets will increase profitability.

Getting a share of world markets: The company that opens up to foreign markets will learn what its competitors are doing to get a share in foreign markets and their marketing strategies.

Reducing dependence on the domestic market: By expanding into foreign markets, the firm will increase its marketing power and reduce its dependence on customers in the domestic market.

Stabilizing market fluctuations: By opening up to world markets, the firm will be relieved of the pressure from general and seasonal fluctuations in the domestic market and changing consumer demands.

Selling excess production capacity: By exporting, the capacity utilization rate and the duration of production shifts can be increased. Thus, average unit costs will be reduced and economies of scale will be achieved.

Increasing competitiveness: Exporting increases the competitiveness of a firm and a country. The firm benefits by adopting new technologies, methods and procedures, while the country benefits from an improved balance of trade.

Creating employment: Exports of goods and services will create new jobs and reduce unemployment.

Helping to reduce the foreign trade deficit: It will contribute to the reduction of the foreign trade deficit that occurs when imports are higher than exports.

Access to experts on exports: Firms often avoid exporting because of fear of the unknown. Trade development organizations in the country are set up to support companies that have not yet ventured into foreign markets and can help at every stage of the export process.

The direct benefits of exports to firms are as follows;

-Gives the opportunity to expand market share.

-If capacity is not fully utilized in the domestic market, it provides the opportunity to increase production.

-Reduces dependence on the domestic market or gives the opportunity to compensate for stagnation in the domestic market.

-It gives the opportunity to spread competition in the domestic market by entering foreign markets.

-Entering foreign markets by exporting products that have been tried and tested in the domestic market reduces the cost of market research.

- International competition encourages exporters to adapt their products to the demands of the market, thus contributing to technological development.


According to the 2024 conditions for membership in the TAGOK system, the registration fee is €400 and the annual membership fee is set at €1,600. In return for membership, a foreign trade specialist is assigned to manage export preparation processes and provides the opportunity to exhibit products by taking a stand at the Anatolian Trade Center. It also organizes marketing and operational services.


TAGOK offers a fair concept solution that allows members to exhibit their products in showrooms abroad for 365 days. While the member pays the international fair rent at 300-600 Euros for 1m², in our center it is 12 Euros per week for 365 days. In this model, TARIMKON-ICAF assumes the costs of exhibiting products in showrooms with a share of 33%. Thus, the overseas marketing costs of the members are 7-8% lower and the export probability increases by 450%.

Member companies can send their stands in accordance with the dimensions and standards determined at the Anatolian Trade Center or have them made by paying the Center management.

The companies that will take part are accepted on the condition of exclusive sales authorization and a specialization agreement with quality control.

Anadolu European Trade Center calculated its costs for the European market based in Germany as follows: 2,000 m² showroom, 500 m² executive office, narrow offices, marketing department, technical staff offices, B2B and B2C meeting offices and common areas. Rent, storage, withholding tax, electricity, water, internet, technical, cleaning, representation, rental vehicles, fuel, advertising, marketer travel, accommodation, transportation, communication, logistics and cargo expenses are included.

The initial employment of our center is as follows. Afterwards, the number of expert employment will be increased according to the need;

1 Center Manager, 2 secretaries, 2 call center personnel, 1 office boy, 3 technical and cleaning personnel, 7 marketing personnel, 2 market research specialists, 1 customs personnel, 1 narrow affairs specialist, 2 accountants, 3 logistics specialists, 2 drivers, 2 warehousemen. Our staff is expanded with part-time and full-time personnel according to need. The costs of these services and service-producing personnel are calculated as follows:


All consultancy services that our TAGOK member buyer and seller companies will need in export and import processes;

Our professional member companies, which are members of TAGOK, realize the service purchase method with a low cost guarantee.

These Consultancy Services;

Certification-Certification, Customs, Logistics-Freight, Law, Insurance, Product Analysis Reports, Quality Control and Expertise


Export and Product Pricing: We provide support to our member companies to create and make export records, and our solution partner in the target region manages exports and imports.

Sales prices are determined at our center according to market and buyer demands. Our marketing experts conduct market research, meet with buyers and initiate consultations by conveying expectations to member companies. Member companies exchange views on product prices and invoices with the demanders and sales specialists. The prices of our company are determined as a result of joint consultation with member companies and buyers and are communicated directly to the buyers.

Profit of TAGOK Structure: TAGOK is a structure affiliated to TARIMKON-ICAF. Since the two organizations are not commercial, their activities are carried out through financial and technical solution partnerships through investor companies. For sustainability, a 5% commission is taken from sales made through the center. This income is added to the salaries of the employees working at the center as a bonus, increasing the productivity of the sales specialists. The salaries of specialized personnel are set slightly above the minimum wage in their region/country. The bonus system encourages managers and marketing specialists to make more sales.

The distribution of commission from sales is as follows;

- 1.5% of the commission received from the sales (expenses and bonuses of TAGOK investor company employees and marketing representatives located in the country)

- 1.5% demand generation (investor center employees located abroad, income and premiums of companies providing marketing and operation services).

- 1% advertising, promotion and representation expenses,

- Another 1% is allocated for TAGOK headquarters' business development, R&D and market research expenses.

The salaries of marketing specialists in the Anatolian Trade Centers are above the minimum wage and are motivated by high sales bonuses. Our business is the technical solution partner in the target region and sales commissions are critical to the success of the project.



This platform is Turkey's most modern and cost-effective export hub. You can meet buyers, showcase your products and expand to international markets 365 days a year. Contact us to take part in the Anatolian Trade Center now.


If you need support about Anatolian Trade Center, you can contact us via the contact form at the bottom.

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